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How to pack smartly for a trip

A lot of travelers who have zero or negligible experience with traveling make the mistake of taking as much items with them as possible. These kinds of travelers hope to not travel but basically live in a household that keeps moving. Do not make this mistake. Choose items that are not only primarily essential but also light and easy to carry around. Following are the examples of how you can pack smartly.

Prefer to not carry a torch. Check your phone. Most of the phones these days come with in-built flash lights that can be used without compromising its battery life much.

Pick clothes that are light and easy to wear. Remember, you are not going to a party; there is no point packing designer clothes or clothes that are saved for special occasions like anniversaries.

Don’t just dump all your clothes into your bag. Fold them properly and use the bag space judiciously. There are bags available in the market that have space for things that can’t be carried around separately, or when done, are messy. If your destination is a hill-station or a place that has extreme cold winds blowing, prefer to take woolen clothes instead of light ones. A jacket is always handy for such extreme conditions.

Carry a separate bag for frequently useful things like toothpaste, brush, comb, face-wash, sunscreen, hand towel, charger, cards, and tissue. This bag must not be too large or too small. Select a handbag of sorts and you are good to go.

Packing is an art you need to master if you ever hope to be a smart traveler. All the experienced travelers know the right way to pack things. A rucksack is advisable since its size and containing capacity- both favor those who have a habit of roaming around. Avoid hastily packing as either you pack things that are redundant for the journey or you miss out on things that are supremely essential to it.

Get familiar with your basics

Traveling is just like sitting a mathematics exam. If you have not gotten your basics right, you are highly likely to fail. In traveling terms, when we say ‘basics’, we mean things like traveling tickets, accommodation details, departure and arrival timings, the duration of your stay, the exact budget that you have in mind down to the last dollar- everything needs to be set in order and rehearsed over and again.

Of all the things that need your attention, it is the tiny details that come first. Right from the departure time to your arrival date’s day; everything needs to be kept in mind from the very start. Note every detail down in a notebook and go over them with your co-traveler, if you have any.

Create an Emergency Kit

Pick up a small pouch and label it your emergency kit. This emergency kit shall contain the following items:

  • Commonly prescribed medicines against the most notorious of illnesses and diseases like common cold, diarrhea, migraine, vomiting, fever, runny nose etc. Although it is not advisable to consume medicines without a doctor’s prescription, for dire circumstances you need to take dire steps.
  • Sanitary pads are a must for ladies.
  • Period.
  • Copies of your identification details.
  • You must make at least two copies of your passport, social security number and driving license and store them in your emergency kit.
  • Handy paper soaps and other items necessary for good sanitation must also be included.
  • Band aids and toothpicks should not be forgotten at any cost.
  • Your emergency kit can also contain shaving gel, cream, brush, and razors.

An emergency kit is of vital importance to travelers. These kits are rarely used because their whole point is to help during an urgent situation. Your emergency kit should contain all those things that are of basic importance to your traveling experience being a safe one.


Do not forget to check up on points like political situation, weather conditions and local attitude towards tourism in your destination place. Sometimes, conditions are not really welcoming and ideal for tourists to flock. If you are opting for traveling abroad, it is very important that you check on the Internet any recent developments in the relations between your country and the destination country. Avoid traveling to places where communal and local tensions are high.

If it is a family vacation, it goes without saying that there will be kids. Take special care of them as they are the ones who are the most sensitive to a change in general surroundings. Before letting them eat anything unfamiliar, taste it yourself and make sure it’s not weird or anything unfriendly. Do not allow the kids to wander off anywhere they wish to. Keep them on a tight leash. Remember, the world is full of people who are capable of doing inhuman things to even the softest of souls.

To sum it all up, traveling is fun, yes, but it needs to be planned and carefully organized. Start planning way before the desired date of traveling. Do not rush through things or delay them until it’s too late. Make the maximum use of travel packages that various travel agencies offer. If you have reached your destination, try avoiding trusting a lot of people. Do not do anything that might offend the locals. Hire a guide from a registered travel agency. Do not fall for scandalous offers that are going around on the Internet these days. Ask for receipts for everything you buy. Travel safe!

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