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How to manage your purse

Welcome to In this article, I will deal with the various ways through which you can strike a balance between your travel expenses and the enjoyment you ought to be entitled to during it.

Book your tickets early

It is more common sense than a specific travel tip that the sooner you book your tickets, the better for you. Do not evade ticket-booking till the last moment. Some travel packages have awesome benefits for early bird registration. If you are someone who likes to avail of tour packages, then you must ensure that you are one of the first to book. However, book only when you are concretely sure about your visit. If you smell a possibility of your availability7 being in doubt, you can always delay the booking till later.

Surf the Internet

It is always advisable to refer to the Internet’s description and tips about the place you are opting for as a travel destination. Join discussion groups on various social media and ask relevant questions on online forums like Yahoo and travel groups.

Where you are traveling is not some place unbeknownst to the world. Someone must have previously visited the place. It will be to your advantage if you gain necessary information about not only the destination but also about incidental things like modes of transport and ease of availability of tickets at the last moment.

What are the questions you must ask?

  • Is my travel destination worth spending the weekend over?
  • What are the forms and modes of transportation available to an average traveler?
  • Are there good accommodation options for someone who is from outside the destination?
  • Are there any tour packages available from your place to your desired destination?
  • What advice would you, as a previous traveler to the destination, give someone who is traveling there for the first time ever?
  • What kind of food do the locals prefer and what are the culinary options for someone who comes from a place that prefers totally different palates?
  • If need be, would the local authorities that are in charge of law and order, help a random traveler in cases of emergency?
  • What are the most preferred sight-seeing options for tourists?

A clever way to ask all these questions without going through the hassle of Internet is to contact a known travel agency and show7 your interest in their offered packages. Be sure to make no promises regarding your subscription. Simply tell them that you are gathering information before you could zero in on whether you are willing to travel to the place or not. In order to woo you over, they will provide you with all the honest tidbits of data about your destination.

Plan Ahead

Do not simply pack your rucksack and get going. That happens in John Green novels and Steven Spielberg movies. Remember, you are an adult who wants to have fun without taking any risks. Always plan ahead. Take your weekends off if you have to and draw a rough estimate of the following things:

  1. Your budget- Always try to save in advance what you are going to spend in your travel. Do not randomly decide to empty your bank account. Cut down on expenses beforehand and save up for your travels.
  2. Things to pack- Make a list of only those items that are essential to your journey. Things like sunscreen, sanitary pads, earphones, camera and light food must be preferred over things like a tripod stand, a heavy bag and fancy shoes.
  3. Destination- First off, decide your main destination. Unless you are out on backpacking, always opt for a main destination that you will travel to first on your journey. Set your base camp there and then branch out to nearby locations for fun.
  4. Contact details- Note down the contact details including phone numbers and email addresses of all those persons who are in any way related to your travel. Hotel managers, tour guides, your family who need be contacted in case of an emergency, your boss who might demand more work before you could ask for a leave etc.
  5. Miscellaneous- This category covers everything that has been left out from the above. Have you looked at your shoes? They are worn out; you need to buy a new pair. May be you are out of underwear; buy more before you head out!

Traveling abroad

Things are complicated when you are traveling to another country. Not only does it require you to plan your entire visit accordingly but it also demands of you that you take care of certain things very well in advance.

The first thing to check before you even think about traveling abroad is your visa. If you do not have on yet, apply for it in the nearest visa authority’s office. Also, while you are at it, check up on your passport.

Contact your travel agency regarding the climate, food cuisines, culture and general livelihood of people of the country you are about to visit. It is always handy to know something regarding the general atmosphere prevalent in your desired destination.

Be in touch with your country’s embassy in your destination country. It is a general phenomenon that some foreign tourists get in trouble with the local authorities in an alien land and have no one to seek help from. In such urgent situations, your embassy is the best place to go to.

If you are unfamiliar with the language of your destination country, either buy a quick-book to know some general sentences and words like ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and other greetings. Make sure you get the translations correct otherwise even a mini deviation could prove difficult for you.

Always stay in touch with your friends while you are in another country. Keep them updated about your adventures. While it is important that you have fun, do not take too many risks especially in a place which is totally unknown and new to you. Keep updating your social media profiles wherever you go. That way not only you maintain your social presence but also leave behind a trail which can be used in case you go missing or something worse happens.

The most vital aspect of traveling abroad is this- Do not offend the locals. Know that your country’s stands and beliefs might differ from your destination country’s people. Your upbringing and teachings may turn out to be in stark contrast to theirs. You are there for experiencing something new, and not to act hostile and weird. Get yourself acquainted with the mannerisms and forms of greetings your destination country follows.

Also, learn something about what is acceptable and what is not. For example, in some middle- eastern countries, it is a violation of public law by way of obscenity to kiss in public. If you are from a forward country, you may end up in trouble if you try to practice public display of affection in such places. Similarly, there are certain ways to interact with women in specific countries.

If you deviate from the norms prescribed by the communities in such places, you might find yourself locked up behind the bars. Basically, do not do anything that might potentially offend your host country’s community. Not only would this keep you away from troubles but it would also show your own country in a good light.

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