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Top 5 Must-try foods in Myanmar

Among the tradition of the people of Myanmar comes their excellent foods and delicate dishes that go far above and beyond the call of duty; if you are looking for a way to start enjoying the rich culture of these people in your Myanmar tour, then you need to try their food. If you are here in Myanmar, you should consider trying out any of the following local Burmese dishes.

01. Mohinga

As one of the main meals for Burmese nationals, this is a dish that comes with rice noodles that are covered in a fish-based soup dish. Deep fried fritters cover the top of the top of the dish, and be one of the most popular breakfasts for people in the region – it might look mental to someone from Europe or America, but the combined flavors and tastes are absolutely sublime!

02. Biryani

The Burmese Biryani is a truly spectacular meal – it’s got the usual flavors and tastes you would hope from a curry like this, and usually comes with an absolutely dazzling array of peppers and spices placed throughout for the maximum exposure for your taste buds. Looking to enjoy yourself here in Burma? Then you absolutely must try this awesome Burmese dish.

03. Burmese Curry

Simple and effective, this dish comes with various curry sauces and/or vegetables throughout and is a hugely common part of the Burmese cuisine. They typically come with bundles of rice and give you a nice, mild flavor that anyone can enjoy even if you aren’t a massive fan of curries and other spicy/warm dishes. This is a fine starting point for anyone who wants to try out Asian curry dishes; if you’ve never had one before, and then you’ll absolutely love the refreshing taste of a Burmese curry.

04. Fish Curry

This might sound a bit weird to some people, and they are a little greasy, but a fish curry can be truly exemplary in taste and in style. The flavors that you get are some of the most enjoyable out
there in terms of curried dishes, so you just need to get used to the situation. However, most importantly of all, the quality of the fish tends to be absolutely outstanding; you won’t be stuck wondering why the meat was never as nice as the sauce which can be a problem for a lot of restaurants back in the US and throughout the rest of the Western world.

05. Khaosay Thote

This is a unique dish that is effectively a set of noodles made in a stunning chili sauce, provided with garlic gloves and more chilies. Small spring rolls are provided alongside the dish to add another layer of flavor and volume to the whole thing. This is the perfect way to boost your list of foods that you have tried that come from Burma, and can give you the help and assistance that you need in preparing the right kind of curry.
As you can see, the different kinds of foods that are on offer here in Burma will absolutely blow most people away – not sure of what you like and are looking for? Then you should start with any of the above and then take it from there!

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