Travel Tips

Tips for couples traveling together for the first time

We want everything to be perfect. Understand the changes we will see while spending all day and night with our partner in this new world that we are traveling to.

Choose a common destination

We all have a list of countries that we desire to go. So does our partner. Discuss the common destination. Write its pro and cons. Write what activities you like to do there. Should it be a beach destination or modern city?

Plan budget

As soon as you decide a destination that you both like, it’s important to note a budget in detail for the entire itinerary you both decide. It is also recommended to decide budget on daily basis. Review site like Trip Advisor have details of the expenditure of your destination.


We all have to compromise at some level. But the word compromise doesn’t seem to fit well in my dictionary. I would rather love to do what my partner wish to and vice versa. You are willing to give and take. Get the best of both worlds. Do what you like and go for what the better half wishes as well.

Try new things

Don’t feel shy to explore new things. Do what you have not done before. That’s a good thing about the relationship.

Take pictures and video

Carry a selfie stick. Take as much as photos and videos together doing all the adventures you can. Come home and combine these treasures with background video and music. This will be a memory for a lifetime.

Use your strength effectively

Both the partners have their different strengths. Recognize them and use wisely. One may be good in the language and communication, let that person do all the talking. One may have good sense of map and directions. One may be a good rider for motorbike or car. This will create a bond between the two and an everlasting relationship.

Open up

Talking and sense of humor is the biggest asset in a relationship. Open up. Talk about whatever you like. Engage your partner.

Health and Travel

Researchers on the subject of Travel and Health have listed vast benefits of traveling. Well, we feel already healthy as we start planning the itinerary of our trip with the positive vibes that surround us. “Oh come on, why I haven’t already left.” Let us see the results of researches done worldwide.

  • Eighty-six percent of travelers are satisfied with their outlook on life.
  • Vacationing is a restorative behavior with an independent positive effect on health.
  • Brain health goes up. New situation, sounds, language, taste, sensation, and sights increase cognitive flexibility’, keeping the mind sharp.
  • Students traveling abroad are found to complete a college degree and report earning higher incomes, sometimes twice compared to their ‘not so traveling peers’, out-earning their peers by more than forty percent.
  • Women who vacationed at least twice a year had a significantly less risk of developing a heart attack than the women who vacationed every six years.
  • A study shows that three days after vacation, travelers felt well-rested, had a better mood and this improvement lasted long. Kills stress.
  • Decreases your risk of heart disease, makes you more creative, recharges your batteries, increases the quality of work on the job and keeps you healthier.
  • Keeping the relationship strong. The study found that women who took vacation are happier and satisfied with their marriages.

Traveling Light for Couples

“Make everything as simple as possible … but no simpler.”
Albert Einstein

Couples traveling together have a unique opportunity to save space by sharing different items. Following is a short list of items that can easily be shared by minimalist-minded couples, lightening the load of each:

  • Binoculars
  • Camera(s) or lenses
  • Contact Lens Solution
  • Laptops or other technology
  • Laundry Supplies
  • Multi-purpose Soap
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Use your imagination and think of what you can share to lighten your load.

Not recommended: toothbrushes or towels!

Note: the entire philosophy of traveling light is to carry less and replenish often. Certain items, when shared, will certainly be used up more quickly – so be prepared to make shopping trips more frequently in such cases.

The love of economy is the root of all virtue.
George Bernard Shaw