Travel Tips

100 Quintessential tips that can change the way you travel


  1. Weekend city breaks or long international holidays, packing the right stuff will go a long stress-free way. Though we all have the common sense, small tips can help us be a better organizer.
  2.  Making a packing list will ensure nothing has missed out.
  3. Packing light is always an advantage. Travel free and fast. I have seen travelers wishing they had packed light. Spread out all those stuff you think you need and if you think smart, you will leave half of it. Most of the stuff traveler carrying are never used in the whole damn trip.
  4. Don’t like being overcharged. Weight your luggage. Buy a lightweight suitcase, clamshell suitcase.
  5. Most travelers buy a unique color bag or mark the usual bags with a ribbon which can be spotted easily at the airport.
  6. Don’t buy black color bags. The first thing they ask you when you lose your luggage to identify what your bag look like. They are too common and make the staff job much harder.
  7. Take a photo of your luggage. It would be easier to locate by the airline staff if lost.
  8. Four wheel suitcases are always better than two wheel suitcases. It’s easier to travel.
  9. Light color clothes are packed inside out.
  10. Cover your shoe base with disposable shower caps.
  11. Shoes are a big space hog, so limit yourself to two pairs. Use it to pack small items and socks in it.
  12. No doubt…keep no doubt…rolling is superior to folding. Less space + fewer wrinkles.
  13. Ziplock. Prevent toothpaste, shampoo or sunblock from damaging clothes and gadgets. And it can also be used to keep the gadgets.
  14. To prevent the disastrously liquid leak in our bags, use tape to seal gap where lid joins the container.
  15. Pack a ‘‘quick fix” kit. It contains earplugs, a sleep mask, ibuprofen and extra contact lenses.
  16. Pack a scarf. Believe me, scarf = multifunctional. Hey, what about Sarongs. They can be used as a beach towel, regular towels, sheets, skirt, shower wraps.
  17. Remember popping bubble wrap. Keep it to wrap something you buy from your trip.
  18. Heavy items at the bottom will distribute the weight to the wheels of the suitcase.
  19. Make copies of your important documents. Keep a copy stored online for instant access.We all have a tendency to pack for a worst- case scenario rather than the best-case scenario.

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Before Heading Out

  1. Be informed. User-review sites have altered the way travelers think. I always emphasize on not losing our hard earned money to a bad service hotel or no taste restaurant. These sites evaluating hotels, attractions, restaurants and the like. is the guru of all. Nothing can beat the concept of people helping people to decide what is best. Yahoo! Travel, Citysearch, and are various review website.
  2. Bloggers are the best info out there. They know inside-out and are a substantial resource in whatever city you’re visiting. Contact them directly and they will be happy to help. You will be surprised what they have to offer.
  3. Check-in online. If you are on a long-haul flight, the older planes don’t have power plugs. Some airlines provide the information which seats have them. As a thumb rule, seats in the front of the plane have plugs. Plugs are important so book the seats accordingly.
  4. Some airlines carriers overbook seats. Though you have paid for your flights, doesn’t imply you will get it. By checking online, you may solve the problem.
  5. Call your debit- and credit-card companies to let them know the countries you are traveling to. Ask for fees of using your cards.
  6. Make sure to have all the right paperwork when accompanying a kid which includes a letter of consent if only one parent is traveling.
  7. Renting a car. Carry your license.
  8. Download app which can help you on your trip such as map, guide book, translators.
  9. Cancel your newspaper and prepay your bills if required.
  10. Let the family and friends know your itinerary.
  11. If you are not checking bags, check online. Save Time.
  12. Know your airport. Check airport website to know where you can spend your time. Many airports have movie hall.

At The Airport

  1. Big airport busy airport therefore long line. Before you get to the front of the line, have in hand all the documentation for check-in. You will be anxiety free. Airport agent and people behind you are also happy.
  2. Airports have weighing scales near check-in. Ensure you have the right weight. If not, swapping can be done on time.
  3. After check-in, time for Airport Security. Keep it simple. Passport and boarding pass should be in your hand.
  4. Get prepared for this test. Keep a checklist in your mind of the things you might need to detach. Shoes, jewelry, watch, belt, and jacket are the most common. Keep your carry-on bag organized so that it doesn’t mess up while taking the electronics out. Blast this checklist and smoothly pass through security. Have a smile on your face.
  5. Never join the security queue with kids in. Suits are the one moving faster.
  6. During the security check, research shows that people naturally gravitate toward the right lane, Go left. It will be quieter and less hectic.
  7. Avoid wearing clothing and jewelry that contains metal. Passenger screening will get easier for you.
  8. If your flight is already boarding, don’t wait in line. Inform someone. Inform the airport staff nearby. They will put you through fast and get you on the flight. I remember being late for my flight. After getting the boarding pass, airline staff took me on a roller coaster and just after few minutes, I was on my seat.
  9. Don’t bring drinks even unopened on security check-points. I remember throwing away my soft drinks. Alas!
  10. It is always considered wise to bring almonds, fruit, protein bar or unsalted nuts during the flight and should be eaten before de-boarding the flight. Customs may not let you pass by in certain countries.
  11. Waiting at the gate and streaming movies can sure be fun when using airport WIFI. Don’t send your personal information while using public WIFI. Hackers are everywhere.

Kill Time at the Airport

  1. Hit the gym! Most airports have a fitness center where you can work out. But on vacation, I prefer less of that.
  2. Spas have become ubiquitous at airports. Treat yourself and relax.
  3. Take a nap at some corner chair. Remember to put an alarm on your smartphone.
  4. Get lounges access. Basically, lounges access is free WiFi, comfortable seats, and snacks. Deluxe lounges are available for few hours for a small fee. Premium lounges are higher end.
  5. Airports have these glamorous shops, googling at the high price tag can be fun and if you like them you can always buy. You can spend it on some souvenir or jewelry.
  6. Most airports have these quiet rooms where you can spend your time away from noise, pray or meditate.
  7. Well, of course, we do carry movies and songs in our iPad and laptops.
  8. Do visit the website of the airport. You will find what airport has to offer while waiting for the flight or layover. Changi Airport, Singapore is a pro in providing boredom-killers for its passengers. Three screening rooms with free movies and an entertainment area with free video games and music pods are the best features. Outdoor rooftop pool, come on, what else you want.
  9. Set yourself a task. One of the ways to kill time is completing the task. Forgot about the length of your flight or the waiting time as it breezes right by you is to set a task. It could be anything such as reading a novel, completing an office task, studying or watching movies. When you are engaged in a task in order to complete it, you will find time to pass away.

What Not To Carry In Your Carry-On Bag

  1. Sharp objects are not allowed because they can be used as a weapon. They should be packed in checked luggage.
  2. Sporting equipment such as pool cues, ski poles, hockey stick, golf clubs and pretty much any sporting equipment is not allowed.
  3. Guns. Obviously. Guns are only permitted in checked luggage with the condition of it being empty and they must be locked in a container. Different countries and states have different laws.
  4. Even flares and gun powder is not allowed in checked luggage.
  5. Tools are not allowed in a cany¬on bag. They should be in checked luggage.
  6. Lighters, matches and other flammable items.
  7. Liquids over 100ml or 3.4 ounces.

More Tips

  1. Take an extra credit card or debit card. Bad things happen. Be secure.
  2. Make sure to use no fee bank card. Paying more is always unhealthy.
  3. If you find an ATM of your bank in another country, use your card. It will take no extra fee and give you the exact conversion for your dollar.
  4. If you find a currency exchange shop, don’t go for it unless you check the conversion rate online. They can rip you off badly.

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  1. Ask the local for direction. Ask the locals for restaurants. Ask locals anything. They know the place better than anyone. To make sure, ask few local and see what they have in common.
  2. Learn basic phrases in the native language of your destination. When you will talk to someone just by saying hello in their language, you can expect better communication and respect.
  3. Traveling alone or letting the airline staff know7 that you’re celebrating a special event, such as a honeymoon, can make it easier to get a free flight upgrade. Be polite and ask quietly, the worst they can say is no.
  4. Attractions are best when you reach in the morning. Less crowded and more awesome photos for your Instagram.
  5. Always carry an empty water bottle with you. Airport or attractions, you can take through security and then fill it up from the water fountain for free. It will save money and help the environment.
  6. Good Shoes and good health. If you are traveling you have to walk a lot. Shoes are a must. They don’t stress the feet and you should have the stamina to carry yourself. If you have booked your trip in advance, now is the time to hit the gym.
  7. Carry sunscreen. Long term benefits are much.
  8. Let’s face it, we feel naked without our cell phones. Carry your battery pack with you.
  9. Always keep wet wipes or sanitizer. Tray tables are the dirtiest items on the plane.
  10. Get familiar with the rules of the airport. Travelers throw out drinks, makeup, toothpaste and other liquid because they had a limit of 100 ml.
  11. Avoid rushing to the boarding gate. Your seat no. is on your boarding pass. Just relax.
  12. If your flight got canceled, don’t get mad. Yelling and getting angry won’t get you anywhere. They will be “Sorry, nothing I can do.” Just by being nice, maybe the staff will prefer to help you by providing meal vouchers or extra baggage. And don’t wait in the long line up to rebook. Call the airline and the representative on the phone can do the same.
  13. Traveler’s best resource is grocery stores. Cheap food, local flavors. Look for the nearest one to your hotel and you will save a lot.
  14. Learn swimming. No matter how many gears you have for water. It’s just magical when you dive in any water you see.
  15. Public Transportation is cheap and easy. Ask the local which transport medium to use for your destination. It’s safe, especially at night.
  16. Be aware of the local law. Don’t chew and spit gum in Japan. Don’t get drunk on the streets of Dubai. The law of your country won’t follow you.
  17. Wear compression socks. It improves blood circulation and avoids swelling. They keep you warm and your companion on long-haul flights.
  18. If you like your food first in the air, order a special meal. These are of course dietary meals which mean you will be avoiding meat or dairy. So if you can leave without a certain food, you get your food first. In a full booked huge plane, this could be a difference of 20-35 minutes.
  19. Keep track of your laundry. Not planning your laundry is a big mistake. Suddenly you will find you are out of everything clean and have nothing to wear for the occasion. The place you are staying might not have a laundry facility’ or might be super expensive. Be ahead of time.
  20. Forgetting battery chargers and power cord plugged in happen all the time. Make sure to check the room properly before checking out.
  21. Free Wi-Fi is great. Having data for your cell phone is best. You are open to the world. Everything is connected. It will solve any information hurdles you may have.
  22. If you have a long layover, you get to visit and experience a country you may never plan to visit. Careful planning is a must. We don’t want to miss out flight.
  23. Skip the airport experience and run into the city. Many city airports have direct train service downtowns, such as Hong Kong and Sydney where you can even check your bags and get a boarding pass at the station. Changi Airport in Singapore offers free two- hour tours of the city to passengers who have a layover of at least five hours.
  24. Check ahead of time and inquire if transit visa is required to visit the country. Some countries charge a fee and other countries like Sri Lanka offer free transit visa for a limited period of time.
  25. Try not to visit popular attractions on holidays or Sundays. Too much crowd and huge waiting queue will ruin your time.
  26. Souvenirs are fun to keep. Collect all the souvenir magnets of the places you have visited and stuck it on your fridge/cupboard. The collection will look awesome and you will be proud of it.
  27. Put your hotel name and number on your phone. Carry a visiting card of your hotel.
  28. Don’t judge others. Keep an open mind. Have fun in their culture.
  29. Don’t keep all your money and credit cards in one place.
  30. Negotiate with every seller you come across especially in the street market. Try to quote fifty percent less and walk away. I take help of locals to know more about the rate. It certainly helps.
  31. Don’t try to see everything when you visit a country. Select your attractions and enjoy the time there. Instead of trying to see every city at once, slow down, get to know one or two cities and have fun.
  32. Don’t go bananas when you enter a duty-free shop or a big mall. They are designed to make you spend hundreds of dollars on the thing you may not need.
  33. Money belts are comfortable for many travelers but they need total protections. They have a sign saying “rob me”.
  34. Don’t treat your guide book as gospel. Get unbiased reviews on the website. There is much more to than guide books.
  35. If you are staying at someone, get them a present. It’s the right thing to do.
  36. Avoid carrying your wallet in you back pocket.
  37. Dry shampoo is a godsend. No time to wash but still looking cool.
  38. If you’ve forgotten something, check with the hotel before running to a drugstore. They do carry everything and free of charge.

100 is just a number. We learn from experience and our traveler stories. Read on for more rich information to make your trip an awesome experience.