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10 Things You Should Never Do at the Airport

Airports can sometimes be stressful and chaotic places: learn to manage stress in airports in the right way – and avoid at all costs making these 10 things!

Have you come late for your flight? Have you made a fool of yourself? Or annoy your fellow passengers you? Whatever you do to deal with stress at the airport – so do NOT these 10 things!

01. Sleeping

You are tired. You got up at 3:30, and the time is now 16:00 in Dubai. Your only thought right now is “must… keep … me … awake”, but your body says the opposite, and all you want is to lie down just a moment… But whatever what you do. so do not! You think you can just take a quick power nap, but the next moment you realize that you have missed your departure!

02. Being Drunk

“I just want a holiday feeling NOW.” It may be tempting to start your two-week vacation in the Canary Islands at the airport, but the smartest thing is to wait until you land at your destination (or stick to a single beer). It is important that you are clear in your head, in the case of, for example, any gate last minute changes, but also in case of an acute emergency on board.

03. Being a “gate creeps”

You know the type. They avoid the gate, so at the last minute rush just before the plane takes off. Yes, we know that it is now almost standard with pre-booked seats on board, but the idea is still to board as soon as possible, and put you in your seat, instead of waiting until the last moment, when all the other passengers already board.

04. Go Crazy

Airports is a place where stress can develop into conflict, but actually it is not okay to berate and popping on the staff, just because your flight is delayed, your favorite sandwich is sold out, or because the super offer in the duty free shop only to travelers outside the EU. There is no airport staff s fault, so do not let your anger on them. You also destroy the start of the journey for yourself, and start out in a bad mood.

05. Flirting with check-in staff

You sprinkles hardly flirtatious comments to everyone at the office on a Tuesday morning at 09 (or maybe you do?). A smile and a friendly comment is always welcome, but violent flirtations or sleazy comments at check-in, disrupting really just employees from doing their job well.

06. Try to be funny

The airport is not the right place for humor. When check-in staff asking if “another’ve packed your luggage,” you resist the temptation to answer “yes, now that you mention it, it was actually a sinister type of packaged…” It can get employees to smile a little, but it can also have security staff to throw you to the ground and let a bomb robot blow up your suitcase. While your plane disappears without you, so keep the good jokes for your first drink at your holiday destination.

07. Cursing at others in the queue

Acute toilet needs, computer problems and other incidents at the airport can create great stress for those who are trying to resolve these things in the last minute. But it does not mean that you can behave entirely as you want anyway. Do not hurl harsh words for the person in front of you that do not quite mastered the technology to scan his boarding pass, and do not push to the two 80-year- old travelers who need a little extra time for security screening. Karma will catch up with you.

08. See loud videos on your mobile

Your flight is delayed, your fellow passengers at the gate are irritable – and you decide to play loud, annoying video clips on your mobile. It’s only ok in situations where children need to be kept employed for not getting out of hand – and still not with hysterical loud sound. It is not ok for you!

09. Believe in the VERY sudden change of status from “Delayed” to “Boarding”

You leave the beer you just ordered a halt, ignoring toilet visit and run everything you can to reach the gate – then you stand in line for an hour. Do not stress over sudden boarding changes. They do it just to joke with you.

10. Enter the competition to win a flashy new car

You never win. Instead, use the money on a good cup of coffee, one beer or some snacks so you’re enjoying a little while waiting for your delayed flight.

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