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10 Things to Do in Bali And Gili Islands

Exotic, beautiful Bali! Join us for an island that is so incredibly special – with its green, sparkling colors, and its wonderfully exciting culture. Here you get the Swedish family Thunberg top 10 tips to Bali, and to the nearby Gili Islands.

First: Who is the family Thunberg?

Swedish family Thunberg traveling right now around the world with the children Milo, age 8, and Jack, 6 years. We allow you to get an insight into how they plan their adventures, tips to travel long distances with children, as well as inspiration to exotic destinations.

Attraction in Bali and Gili

01. Nusa Lembongan

A charming island where we chose to start our Bah stay and it was good for the island is easily accessible from Bali’s airport. We lived near the beach, Mushroom Bay, and really enjoyed the warm sea and beautiful moments in the sun on the white beach.

02. Devil’s Tears

This is a must-see if you visit Lembongan. Here, nature has created a place where the waves break against the steep cliff edges, forming a vapor of water that turns up. Here is the sunset really something special. Dramatic and grandiose!

03. Ubud

Ubud is a small town in inland Bali that has so much to offer. In flocked in the 1930s artists and authors to create and be inspired, and even today created here much art and other aesthetic works here. The city also has a variety of options for yoga and meditation, and many who come here will be longer than they had originally planned. Here is a clear focus on health; it is seen visibly at cafes and restaurants, with plenty’ of organic produce, raw food and vegetarian menus.

04. Monkey Forest

In the midst of Ubud is a wonderful oasis that is also the wild monkeys’ home. Monkey Forest is a nature reserve and also a sacred place. Here monkeys in the wild, and according to official figures, here are well over 600 monkeys here. Here are several temples that play an important symbolic role for the locals. Besides all the fun encounters with monkeys – you get really close to them – then the forest here really discretion. So good for the soul just walking around here in a few hours!

05. On the bike through Bali’s countryside

A day trip we highly recommend! Here you will get close to both nature and the locals, and you will learn more about the culture that is so special to Bali. Here they have their own version of Hinduism, and much of it is about honoring the gods, and to thank nature for everything it offers. There are many symbols, traditions and ceremonies, and on our bike ride, we stopped in small villages, visited a family’s home, and learned more about their lives and celebrations. We booked our trip with Bali Bike.

06. The hot springs in Banjar

On the northern part of Bali, a few mils outside the seaside resort of Lovina, is a cool place where you can bathe in the sacred hot springs. The water comes from a volcano, and is rich in sulfur. It is therefore considered to have many health benefits, and the locals bathe here to soothe and heal their various ailments. The water is really warm and comfortable, and there are several different pools to swim in, with constant running water jets from showers, shaped like dragon heads. In addition, here incredibly beautiful surroundings, where green plants and hundreds of flowers framing the sources.

07. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan 

The three Gili islands do not belong to Bali, but for the neighboring island of Lombok, but most come here via one of Bali’s port cities. There is a special atmosphere in these islands, which has no traffic, and where life passes quietly, accompanied by waves, white beaches and picturesque little restaurants on the waterfront. Trawangan is the island with the most festive and trade, while Meno and Air is much quieter.

08. Snorkelling at Gili islands

The most attractive here is to see the sea turtles in their natural environment, and yes, it is really something special! And you will see much other wonderful sight beneath the surface of the sea, next to the Gili Islands!

09. Try coffee, cocoa and tea

There is cultivated and grows so many good things on Bali, including coffee beans of the highest quality cocoa and various herbs used for making tea such as ginger and lemongrass. Here and there on the island’s gardens where visitors are welcome to come inside – for free – and to walk around and look at the various plants, and try the different drinks. Of course, the owners hope that you will buy something in the store that is always connected to the garden, but it is a free choice for the visitors.

10. The dolphins in Lovina

Rent a private boat with boatman and take off at sunrise and watch the dolphins jumping in the ocean. It is a unique experience.

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