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First Pair-Holidays: 10 Tips For How to Make It Heavenly

From planning for crisis management, here are 10 important tips to ensure that your first few holidays will not be the last.

They say that the first holiday together either brings a couple closer together – or get them to turn up. You are together 24 hours a day, you see each other at your worst and best sides, and you have to make compromises. If you stand in front of your first few holidays, here are 10 tips that can make the trip heavenly.

01. Take a test drive.

Instead of jumping in at the deep water and leave for two weeks, why not “test the water” first with a weekend trip? Keeping it simple; short flight, good hotel: what about Paris? In this way I tried day-around with each other on neutral ground, and you get a small idea of the things that could come to walk you to the nerves.

02. Using each other’s strengths and talents when planning holidays.

Instead of arguing about who does what, so take a moment to think about what each of you are good at and how you use it to your advantage. If for example you are good at organizing, then it is you who book travel. If your partner is good at languages, let him / her be the one who translates. If one of you is good to find your way (a sensitive issue as it is most often the female party!), Let her / him be the one who has the map.

03. Make some research on your destination before you book, so you are sure there is something good for both.

When you book a vacation, it is important is a good fit for both of you. It’s OK if one is leading the way in terms of the booking, but research things thoroughly, and be fair. If one of you absolutely love golf and the other love sightseeing, so do not just book a week’s golfing holiday. I have to talk about the possibilities with each other before booking. If it’s a surprise holiday, so make sure you take into account, and not just the book you want.

04. Do not have an over packed calendar

If your trip is packed with experiences, it can quickly feel more like a duty than as a holiday. One of you may have a hangover and is not ready to an early start. So, relax on the beach instead of going on excursions. It is best to have a “follow-the-flow” attitude than a tight schedule. Accept each other’s differences, and you will be fine together.

05. Go compromise.

There should not be a holiday-leader. It does not matter who has planned journey, you are both right. Therefore, any decision to be common if you are finicky, try to be a little more adventurous, there may be just a simple thing on the menu you like. It is always best to eat where the locals eat. Or, if you hate sports, while your partner is a sports fan – why not take with him / her one day, so he / she can take with you the next.

06. Do not be jealous / hold of you from the beach.

If the weather is hot and many are full or half naked on the beach, so it may happen that your partner cast longing eyes on the beautiful body lying next to you. It can provide crunch. Either you will not be jealous of a little watching, or you can say they are looking at who they will – alone. Or let simply be to keep the holidays where swimsuits are the dress code.

07. Do not free immediately.

I have not been together long and the weather is nice, the beach is beautiful, there are lots of sunsets and sangria – yes, it’s easy to lose your head in the moment idyll. But remember, it takes time to learn to know each other, and I’m in no hurry. It seems like a good idea in Las Vegas drive-through church chapels, you can quickly undo.

08. Do not drink every night.

It’s easy to go to the bar every night – especially if you are on an “all-inclusive” place. But be careful with holiday mojitos, because suddenly obtains holiday hangover you and you wake up in a bad mood. You may feel tired, sad and irritable, so if you can, then take a few days break. You will have more fun if you feel clear and fresh in the morning.

09. If there is a crisis – so do not blame the other.

When something happens bad (for example, if something is lost or stolen), we can all get to blame others Before you start complaining you to your partner, then pull straight breath and take a moment to decide what to do to fix the situation. Blaming someone else solves nothing; it just creates tension between you. You must be a team, not rivals.

10. Make some basic rules with regard to money.

Money can be a touchy subject, especially on holidays, make some ground rules right from the start. Should you have a common pot in both put money in, and then a daily budget from it, or must I pay for yourselves? If one wants to share, while the other is to “mine is mine”, you can run into trouble. It is often best to share money on travel, or at least pay for meals and drinks on the shift.

That way you avoid that one of your champagne and lobsters, while the other drinking tap water and eating biscuits, because the money is gone. Make some ground rules before you travel, and you are well on your way to a heavenly holiday together.

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