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12 Danish Towns With Strong Culture Worth a Visit

Many people have their favorite cities, large and small, in Denmark, and there are really many beautiful places to visit.

It is shown here 12 Danish towns that are among the most popular and attracts many visitors every year from both Danish and foreign. Some of the cities have unique location, others are extra- preserved – and others just ooze charm. But all are worth a visit – here you get 12 ideas for a visit to a Danish little town!

01. Skagen

Skagen yellow-washed houses with red roofs lie under the high blue sky with sea lights flashing everywhere. Skagen Museum shows the famous Skagen painters Krayer and Ancher’s world-famous masterpieces, here are plenty of delicious restaurants in the quaint streets. With such an abundance of beauty, it is not surprising that artists and bohemians chose Skagen as an artist sanctuary, and to Skagen today welcomes both jetsetters and so-called general tourists without distinction.

In summer, it feels like this is the festival each day. The branch is a must visit, because here meet the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat. If you arrive by boat in summer, check whether there is room in the harbor before you poke into – here is congestion in the harbor. And then the city has even recognized the Skagen Festival to offer.

02. Mariager

Romantic hollyhocks, cobblestone, half- timbered – right down to the beautiful blue Mariager fjord, it sounds like something? Manager is namely known as “City of roses”, as the whole city- center blooms during the summer. The city and local history told in Manager Museum, and felt clearly in the impressive Manager Abbey church. In the cozy square lies the atmospheric Hotel Postgarden whose oldest building is from the 1700s.

The area around Manager offers an undulating terrain and beautiful fjord shores, blah. With golf courses, but you can also visit the exciting Manager Salt Center which is located on the harbor, run by an old veteran, or sail with an old paddle steamer. But most of all Manager just picturesque stroll in – and so are the surroundings.

03. Ebeltoft

Ebeltoft located in Jutland, one of Denmark’s most popular holiday resorts. Not least Ebeltoft Town Hall is an attraction and especially for couples who want to marry in this idyllic beautiful town hall. Ebeltoft with its fine cobblestone streets on a hill down to the beautiful Ebeltoft Bay and attracts customers with many good restaurants, the old frigate “Jylland” and a great glass museum – and so is Ebeltoft close to the picturesque nature; the nearby Mols.

04. Aeroskobing

Aeroskobing is easily one of the most idyllic towns and also one of the best-preserved 1,700-century cities. With cobbled streets, hollyhocks and small, well-kept houses with hand-blown glass windows and ornate front doors, so it is no wonder that Aeroeskoebing is called the “Adventure City”. But Aero is also known as “wedding island” so romantic idyll in play everywhere here. The same is art. Here live many artists, both Activities year round and summer visitors, and it characterizes the galleries. Aeroeskoebing also has a proud maritime tradition that permeates the soul of the city. In museums you can get the story of a town where shipping and trade for centuries was what we lived on.

05. Christiansfeld

Gingerbread! Are you sitting and thinking about it, then it is true that this is what many associate with Christiansfeld. But the city’ is actually one of the most unusual. Moravians (also called Hernnhuterne) founded and built the city of Christiansfeld after the classic Moravian town plan. It happened at the invitation of King Christian 7, and inspired by Struense. Therefore, the city brought in a curiously un-Danish way, namely with one central area and two parallel streets. Christiansfeld came in 2015 on the UNESCO list of world heritage. Experience the strange urban and grab a honey cake, the famous delicious cakes have been baked here since 1,783th.

06. Faaborg

The archipelago south pearl Faaborg is incredibly scenic with views to the archipelago – and with the idyllic hills of Svanninge behind. Faaborg’s city center has tiny narrow streets, half-timbered houses and a relaxed atmosphere. You can stroll past the medieval gate West Gate and see the late gothic church from the 1500s, the church tower Faaborg’s landmark. There are also galleries, and some historic buildings with exciting maritime stories.

07. Ribe

Do you know of Ribes doors? Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark (from 700), and the city has a unique medieval town center with painted front doors and wrought iron gates you cannot easily find like it in the country. And the doors sit even in the original timbered houses, many of which are from the 1500s and 1600s. The city’s majestic landmark is the Cathedral from the 12th century. From the distinctive church tower there is a fantastic view of the city and the flat marshland that surrounds Ribe. Most of Ribe old town is protected, so here you include opportunity to see Denmark’s oldest town hall and Denmark’s oldest provincial museum. You also have the chance to see stork – it’s one of Ribes take, one of the few remaining storks in Denmark live in the season.

08. Dragor

The beautiful old fishing village Dragor is located only 12 km from the city center, but is a completely different world, with yachts, delicious fish restaurants and a lovely path along the water. Here are the idyllic small 1700-1800 century yellow houses with red tiled roofs, cobblestone streets, small unique shops, galleries and the most delicious ice cream in the summer. During the summer there will be abstinence several local art, music and festivals and market. Dragors history dating back to the 1300s, when there was a lively herring trade here. In the 1500s, the area was settled by the Dutch, who were invited by the Danish king to grow vegetables to the court. In 1750 Dragor was actually the main verdant outside Copenhagen. Head over here and enjoy the idyll.

09. Maribo

The old cloistered Maribo is located in stunningly beautiful natural surroundings of forest and lake, at the heart of Lolland. The town’s landmark is Maribo Cathedral, from the 1400s, but the whole town is worth seeing. The city is exceptionally beautiful location, with old beech forest directly on Maribosoerne where you in the summer can experience the city- from the water with a ride on the tour boat “anemone”. You will include see the city ‘s fine whitewashed town hall from 1819. Maribo also offers an annual jazz festival.

10. Sonderho

Sonderho is an old but very well-preserved seafaring town, which nestles well in the dunes west wind. In Sonderho you will find no less than about 300 thatched skipper houses where the roofs just peek up over the dune edge. But between the houses you will find small gardens and greens. Here are galleries, and you can take on fine strolls down the narrow labyrinthine paths and hooks. Sonderho is in summer a tourist magnet, both nationally and internationally, and is located on the south side of Fanoe in the Wadden Sea’s unique nature. Enjoy the peace of a small community that is definitely worth a visit. Sonderho in 2011 was named Denmark’s most beautiful village of Building Culture Denmark.

11. Stege

Charming Stege is Mon’s largest town, and has strong idea in the Middle Ages: a walk through the winding streets, see the town ramparts and Molleporten – the best preserved medieval city gate. The city was once one of Denmark’s richest and most vibrant towns due. A lucrative and rewarding herring fishery – and Stege still have a lot of medieval atmosphere and charm. You’ll also find the Cliffs Museum in the beautiful old merchant’s house in Stege. Only 20 km from Stege find the famous and unique Mons cliffs.

12. Svaneke

Svaneke has several unique things to offer: the city has one of the country’s friendliest waterfronts, surrounded by mustard colored half-timbered houses. Here’s smokehouse, microbrewery and superb restaurants, glass blowing and many specialist shops. Svaneke is also one of the very few places in this country where you can see mulberry and fig trees in the gardens. Svaneke has received much recognition internationally to preserve the town’s authentic historical character. Svaneke is also a trendy summer town – here is buzzing with life in the alleys and streets. Are you going to Bornholm, so do not miss Svaneke.

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