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Holiday Help: 10 Common Travel Problems and How to Handle Them

Missed flight, mosquito bites and lost luggage: 10 solutions to your holiday problems.

We’ve all experienced to encounter some kind of holiday problem. Whether it is a bad hotel, lost passport or stinging sunburn, here is a list of 10 travel problems, and how to handle them.

01. Your wallet is stolen

Solution: Contact the local police immediately, and be sure you get a copy of the report of the crime with the opinions that you have given. Report any missing card to your bank as soon as possible – they may send you a replacement card or provide emergency cash (depending on the bank). Alternatively, any home use money transfer to send money to you. It is important that you submit report to your travel insurance company as soon as you can. Most travel insurance companies have strict rules regarding your reporting of the crime to the local police, so do not expose this as you may miss your compensation.

Best tips: Bring a “decoy” -pung with little local money in the event that you are being robbed. Keep your cash and cards in different places instead of having it all in one place. When buying foreign currency, it is a good idea to keep the receipt, so travel insurance company knows how much you’ve lost. Before your holiday makes sure that you have mastered your bank’s emergency number for “lost or stolen card”.

02. You get a lot of mosquito bites

Solution: Do not scratch, because the more you scratch, the more it will itch, and the area becomes more inflamed. If you do not already have a first aid kit with you, you should go to the local pharmacy and buy some paraphernalia. Tea tree oil, tiger balm, topical anti-itching cream, ice cream and antihistamine tablets can all reduce the swelling. You can also buy a zapper that stops the itching by reducing the release of histamine.

Best Tips: Always keep arms and legs covered, use insect repellent containing DEET, turn out the lights in the bedroom at night and pull the curtains, bring mosquito plug-in, and if you are in a malaria zone, always bring pills for instructed by your doctor.

03. Jet lag ruins your holiday

Solution: Set your watch on the plane to passé by the time of your destination and avoid too much alcohol, caffeine, fat and salt. If you arrive in daylight, you should stay awake and not take a nap. Do everything you can to avoid falling asleep – go for a walk or take a shower. It can also help reset our internal clock to go out in the sun while exercise is good because it releases endorphins.

Best tips: Prepare yourself by changing your sleeping and eating patterns before taking on holiday. Remember the rule: “East to West is best, west to east is a beast.” It is worse for jet lag traveling east when we try to sleep when our bodies wake up and it feels like you wake up middle of the night.

04. You miss your flight

Solution: First of all, you should proceed in peace and do not panic! If it is your fault that you missed the plane, it will really depend on the airline, it will cost you to change the flight, but much staff have the power to pass payment. Make sure you are super polite and apologetic, and prepare to be patient and wait until a new flight is ready. If you have a frequent flier account, it will be a help. If you arrived late for a flight, due to the delay of an earlier flight, you might even score you some freebies (again, it depends on the airline). Some airlines may also refund your passenger bound charges if you have to book another flight, always ask this. If you need to reorder find the cheapest option.

Best tips: Book a wakeup (eg. Automatic wakeup call through a telecom company), and have an alarm clock as a backup if you have to catch an early flight. Do not leave at the last minute – you never know what might slow you (weather or traffic) on the road.

05. You have been sun (too) burned

Solution: Keep the skin as cool as possible with cold compress, and drink plenty of water. A cloth dissolved in water to stop dehydration. Take anti-¬inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and use either aftersun, kalamincreme or aloe vera to relieve the discomfort.

Best tips: Avoid the sun between the hours, n and 15, take the hat, use sunscreen with a high protection factor, cover your moles and butter regularly sunscreen, especially after swimming.

06. You will lose your luggage

Solution: If your baggage has not appeared on the conveyor belt – væbn you with patience, and then goes to the airline’s desk and file a report.
They may offer you a bag with the very necessary things (eg. Toiletries) and will take your contact information. Be aware that the longer your luggage is away, the more the airline will compensate. Your travel insurance policy covers probably lost luggage, check the terms of your policy. Be aware that if you lose your bag after you leave the baggage claim area; contact the police, not the airline.

Best tips: Feel your bag clearly and put something recognizable on it (eg. A colorful ribbon on the handle) so that no one takes it by mistake Also take a photo of your trunk in case you need to show it to the airline. Keep all valuables (as well as medications and glasses / contact lenses) in your hand luggage and wrap also spare clothes in your cabin. Be sure that the person who checks your baggage, attaching the correct destination tag on your luggage.

07. You get food poisoning

Solution: If you have an upset stomach, keep you hydrated and drink plenty of water. Take water and try to eat fatty foods like bread, bananas, biscuits, scrambled eggs and rice. Avoid spicy, sweet or fatty foods. Try to avoid taking anti-diarrheal medication right away, since it is best to let the state take its course. If you vomit, you should avoid solid food until it goes away. If it continues for more than a few days, you should contact a doctor.

Best tips: Avoid water – including ice – not bottled. Also, be careful about the bottles where the seal is broken, as they have been refilled. Be careful with fruit and salad (can be washed in contaminated water). Keep you from food that has been present for a long time and been exposed to flies, as well as re-heated food, particularly rice.

08. You will lose your passport

Solution: The first thing you should do is report it lost from the local police, get the reference number, and then organize a call with your country’s embassy / consulate in the city you are visiting. You must then fill out a lost / stolen- message form before you are issued a replacement passport. It is very helpful if you have some other form of identification with you (eg. Driver’s license). Finally, you should contact your insurance company as they possibly can help cover the cost of your lost passport.

Best tips: Keep a copy of your passport in your suitcase and e-mail. It also saves time to have a few extra passport photos with you.

09. Your hotel is a disappointment

Solution: Do not suffer in silence – if you’ve got a bad room, give the hotel a chance to rectify the situation. Take photos of what is bothering you and ask to speak to the manager or your travel representative if it is a package. If only the room that is the problem, you should complain immediately at the reception and relate yourself calm. If you have booked through an online hotel outside site, you can also write to them about the problem.

Best Tips: Take lots of photos / video as proof if you are not satisfied. If you pay by credit card, you may get your money back with your bank when you come back.

10. Your luggage weighs too much on the return journey

Solution: Do not bitch or panic right away if your luggage weighs too much. Take some of the heavier objects, and put them in another bag. It may seem like a hassle, but it can be, you can save the fee that way. You must also be aware of perhaps taking one of your heavier coats on or replace your shoes with the heaviest pair in your suitcase (all counts). Rather than complain, you should be friendly and polite plead your case (it’s usually up to the individual airline, if you are only about 10% of the maximum weight).

Best Tips: Easier luggage provides an easier travel! If you really need to pack a lot, so bring portable scales, so the weights of your bag or suitcase never come as a shock.

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